Children’s Books for a Change!

Children are natural philosophers and theologians—that is until the darkness of division voice of mass media casts shadow over their open minds and colorblind eyes. In a society where ‘political correctness’ provides a defining example of ‘oxymoron,’ socio-economic divisions between neighbors have grown from crevice to canyon, and the constant entourage of opinionated mass media (social, news, artistic, etc) inspires and enhances segregation and stereotyping; the unfiltered messages and language youth are exposed to daily enhances intrinsic biases like no generation has yet experienced.  Having the chance to re-open the minds, hearts and spirits of our youth to new neighbors, and the unique divine attributes they bear through the creation of multifaceted/multigenerational/multimedia children’s literature is incredibly exciting!

Each book of the series will present a difficult topic to our youth while integrating allusions to past literary, philosophical, social justice voices.  Each work will also feature a ‘chapter for adults’ which aids in teachers, parents, and mentor’s personal journey towards social justice while laying a foundation for further conversation and action alongside their kiddo-companions!

Experience the joy of Wally the Wave’s Wanderings toward Social inclusivity !  My first work featuring illustrations co-created by NOAH! (a 22 year old with advanced CP who’s brought special joy to my own life!).  This work is loosely based on Rumi’s allusion that ‘we are not droplets in the ocean, but ocean’s in a droplet.’       Enjoy!