Miss one of our services?? Well lucky for you that is not an unforgivable sin, your not going to burn in hell (unless you skipped to do something really bad,) and you can catch up here from your lazyboy!  

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Here are a few of the Recent additions:

Watch a video feed of the ’15 World Mission Conference I just Preached in Georgia! …sermon starts at about 29min so feel free to skip ahead!

Watch the video by clicking here!!!

A little love and lent combo on 1 John 4… Feb 15th, ’15

Give a listen by clicking me!

Our kickoff to the 5pm service… Creating with a bang and a bit of Back to the Future!

Listen Here…

Here is the Post-Christmas Epiphany service:
Starry Night (Matthew 2:1-12)

Advent (and Confession!) How interesting a combination is that…

Advent’s fallen Angel (Luke 1)

Christmas and Hanukkah danced together to the tunes of Adam Sandler!


Ever feel like you are called to lead… but don’t have the confidence?

Benchwarmer: 1 Peter 5


Sometimes a little Job can make ya feel better… suffering is natural and not always bad! Check the series out, I think you will find it gives a fresh perspective:

Job Part 1 (Chapter 23)

Job Part 2 (Chapter 1)

Job Part 3 (Chapter 42)

“Reformed and always reforming…”  Martin Luther King Jr. meets Martin Luther as we look at freedom, reformation, and faith!

Reformation and YOU! John 8:31-36

Finally… we hear a lot about baptism… is it the ticket to “salvation?” Is it a sprinkle from a shell or a plunge in a pool?  Well, hope this helps stir some thoughts:

Baptism… THE PLUNGE!   Eph. 4


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