Blogs… From the start I thought that blogging was a bit of a conceded hobby of the coffee shop philosophers; however, I the trend has worn on me enough that I thought that it would be interesting to start one of my own. Now, why would you want to read my blog??  Well, I don’t really know the answer to that. I would love to say that my future posts will flood your soul with provocative, interesting, funny, witty, and inspiring thoughts; it would be nice to think that my words will change the lives of those with the time and inclination to click on the this page; and finally it gets me through my day to think that my thoughts are, well, not just weird and random!

So I am going to divide this blog into several categories… First it is a chance for me to reflect on the stories of my life (click the link at top of the Page,) all the funny and random little things shape my life and my faith. This is an account of my life, my story, and for the most part it is true (not long ago there was a man who wrote a “true” memoir, appeared on Oprah, and soon after was found to be a fraud. I love Oprah but wouldn’t want her to be the one I face for lying.) Truth is a fluid phenomena in a since. We all have a story to share and those stories overlap, interact, and shape one another. I say that my stories are “for the most part true,” because, though they are true to me, we are humans with limited minds and perception. These limitations often lead us to recreate situations, overdramatize certain experiences, and exaggerate events; not in a deceitful fashion, but instead because thats how these events in our life occurred to us in a given time, under given conditions, and through our given capacity for understanding. It is helpful that we see the “truth” of our stories not dependent on their infallible or literal ability to be proven; but that the truth instead lies in the honest impact that they make on the way we live our lives and our sincere understanding of how they occurred in our unique perception. There is a beauty in a child who knows that there is a monster living under their bed… beyond a shadow of a doubt it is there. If you ask the child, they have indeed seen the monster lurking in the shadows of the dark night. So is the child lying when they saw the slobbery, slimy, slithering green beast? No! And in actuality, the story they told tells a truth about their perception of the world and of their fears and dreams; through what we could say to be a lie, they have showed us the truth of their being. That much said, everything that I tell you really did happen in my life, though I cannot always guarantee that the way that I record it or understand it is the way the an outsider looking in would see it. Stories are beautiful and I hope that mine help you to reflect in a new light on yours so that you too can share the experiences that God routed you through on this journey that we know as life.

Another Section, so Sermons/Services at the top of this page will serve as a catalogue of several of our services for Sweaty Sheep Ministries as well as some personal sermons that hopefully you can use as resources for your own devotionals and/or services that you put on in your ministry. We all learn from eachother’s unique reflection on the whole “Faith” thing or that book we call the “Bible.” It would be great to get feedback on my reflections on how they shaped, differed, or lined up with your own!

Church can take many different forms… We have just started leading a SPINNING service at the Downtown YMCA and I will attempt to turn each service into a PDF coaches guide so that you can lead your own SPINNING church either as a personal worship/devotional, or for a group so click “SPIN CHURCH” up top to check them out. Suggest some topics, songs, etc… make this a forum and help create the spin classes to come, and COME OUT TO THE DOWNTOWN LOUISVILLE YMCA on Sunday evenings at 5pm for our service!

The final  of my blogging categories (Theological Wit: also at the top of page) will be dedicated to my theological reflections (often shaped by the stories of my life,) but addressing a number of theological questions. I graduated seminary knowing that I had a different outlook on things then most of my classmates, that I live a life that few would call traditional, and that my relationship with God is as unique as my view of the creator. If my reflections piss you off, thats awesome! Please, comment on them with your own views, because having out own thoughts is what makes us authentic in faith.  I am known to be a little sarcastic so I apologize in advance. I am known for being a little uncensored on occasion so again, I am sorry if a four letter word slips in or, heaven forbid, I fail to be politically correct or use perfectly inclusive language. This section of the Blog will hopefully give you a fresh view of commonly debated topics and a new lenses to scripture. I would love if those reading would post questions or topics for discussion and hope that this can be a conversational blog because my goal is NOT to push my beliefs on anyone else, but to add to the conversation so that everyone has an opportunity to be deliberate and personal in their faith journey. The bottom line is that NO ONE is right when it comes to God and religion. There are so many faith traditions all with different beliefs (and honestly within each tradition there are usually differences in beliefs) so for any of us to say that we know the right answers is CRAZY!  With that said, I believer throughly that God has a great sense of humor and loves watching us try so hard to figure things out! Faith is a “long and winding road” (think that was in a song at one point or another:) and the best way to be “right” is to be passionate and open. So with that said, enjoy the theological ride and thank you so much for taking the time to read a little of what makes me, me!   GODSPEED and Shalom friends!paddleboard handstand

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